What is Pet Friendly Rental Properties™?

Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ is here to help people find the perfect Pet Friendly rental property – whether for a holiday or a long term place to call home. Pet Friendly, is that you? Then your property should be listed on Pet Friendly Rental Properties™.

Who is Pet Protect, Inc?

Pet Protect® is the owner of Pet Friendly Rental Properties™,, The Pet Realty Network®, and the recently launched The Pet Friendly Resource Directory and and has been caring for Pets and their People since 1997. Pet Protect® is located in Naples, Florida.

How is Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ different from other Pet Directories?

Target Marketing! Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ offers a targeted pet friendly audience that you will not find anywhere else to maximize your advertising dollars. A picture is worth a thousand words so Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ is not just a list of names and addresses and we do not import thousands of listings from other Web sites. Simply visit Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ and create your own page with copy and photos of your choice.

How can Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ help me/my business?

Visitors come to our other Web sites,, The Pet Realty Network®, The Pet Friendly Resource Directory and and more importantly keep returning, for information from Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents to Pet Friendly Properties. They also visit the Web sites to purchase gifts from The Alert Store and The Pet Realty Network Store and to read and comment on Your Pet Friendly Community. Over 10.7 million people move with their pets annually and this figure is on the rise. People visit our Web sites to get more information and on to order their Pet ID Tag. Plus our Web sites have high rankings on Search Engines giving you even more exposure.

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How do I submit a Listing to Pet Friendly Rental Properties™?

The first step is to Register and create your own User Name and Password. After Registration you create your Listing following the very simple steps on the Listing page (and, of course we are here to help if you need it). Payment is very easy – you will be directed to our secure Shopping Cart page that handles all our financial transactions for our Web sites. Pet Protect, Inc, the owner of Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ processes all credit card transactions in our office so your credit card information is never stored on a server.

I have submitted a Listing but do not see it included?

We want to make Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ the very best it can be and therefore we review each submitted Listing prior to publishing. This gives you assurance that Pet Friendly Rental Properties will only include top quality Listings. Of course, we do not charge your Credit Card until your Listing is approved.

How long is my Listing for?

Your Listing is for 12 months. We shall send you a renewal notice before your Listing expires. It is not automatically renewed, we do not keep your Credit Card information on our Server for security reasons and we do not have recurring payments so you will have no problems canceling your Listing if you do not want to continue after 12 months.

How many Listings may I have?

You may have as many Listings as you would like. Of course, each one has to be paid for and approved by us.

What does it cost to list on Pet Friendly Rental Properties™?

Each Listing costs $30.00 per year (12 months)

How many Photos may I upload?

You may upload 5 photos for each Listing

May I upload any file?

All uploads must be in jpeg files. For best results use a basic square or basic rectangular photo

How often can I amend my Listing?

You can amend your Listing as often as you like

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Is my information private and secure?

Yes, at all times. Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ is a secure Web site for credit card processing completed by the owner of Web site, Pet Protect, Inc. We do not rent or sell any of your information to any third party. The details you list on Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ are those you wish to provide to Visitors to the Web site. Please view our Privacy Policy.

What are the additional charges to be listed?

It is not a cost per lead service and therefore there are no charges for Visitors that contact you directly. Unlike many Directories on the Internet we do not say our Listings are free and then make additional charges for adding additional copy, your Logo, where your Listing is located and other upgrades. Equality rules here! Everyone receives the same care and attention