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Pets are welcome here

For Pet Owners these four words are critical when you are planning a holiday get-away, looking for a Pet Friendly vacation rental or a long term rental home or apartment.

Since 1997 we have been caring for Pets and their People in Real Estate across the United States and around the world and through our Pet Friendly Web sites –, and the recently launched And even our dogs have been working their paws off for all our Visitors and Members and have just started their own Web site, Pets rule here!

We have received many requests for Pet Friendly Rental Properties and Pet Friendly Holiday Accommodation and therefore Pet Friendly Rental Properties™ is being launched. We are here to help you plan ahead, one property at a time – whether for a long term rental home or apartment or a vacation getaway! And now Owners, Property Managers and Agents can list an individual property or a number of properties for a minimal fee.

Pet Owners want as much information as possible and not just a simple "yes" or "no" to the question of "are pets allowed?" For this reason each listing includes a detailed pet policy section. Our goal is to be the Go To Place for Pet Owners searching for Pet Friendly Places and answers to their questions. Our Pet Friendly Forum will include travel tips and general information on moving with your pet, traveling with your pet and many other topics. does not charge Pet Owners to search or require them to sign up to use our Web site. We want to offer Quality Listings and not just aim for quantity.

So please come back often to see our new Listings and mention to any of your friends, family or colleagues that have a Pet Friendly property to offer, either short or long term or for a Pet Friendly holiday. And please go to the Contact Page to send us any questions or comments.